Ambassador Ajadi Commends Kano Govt Chief of Staff Sagagi for Exceptional Public Service

By Ibrahim Kegbegbe

Characteristic of his support for quality public service, Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, last Friday singled out Kano State Chief of Staff, Alhaji Sheu Wada Sagagi for commendation.


Ajadi , a chieftain of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) made the commendation in the course of a visit to the governor.


Ajadi, gubernatorial candidate of the NNPP in Ogun State, said the commendation was in recognition of the way and manner the chief of staff had been executing his office since he came to know him.



According to him, the idea is to motivate all occupying public offices both in Kano and beyond to always put in their best.


Ambassador Ajadi, a prominent figure and Southwest leader of NNPP has remained a philanthropist and pillar of support for other good courses, both in Ogun State and beyond.
His influence played a pivotal role in Abba Yusuf’s victory in the recent Supreme Court judgment.


During the visit, Ambassador Ajadi expressed profound appreciation for Chief Sagagi’s accessibility to the public, often demonstrating a presence of mind at strategic meetings involving the governor and which usually stretched into the night.


According to Ajadi, the office of Chief of Staff remained strategic to the success of any chief executive, and required a workaholic with industry, patience, and humility as additional qualities, saying that Chief Sagagi had demonstrated all of these.


He particularly praised Sagagi’s collaborative approach, citing active engagement with local leaders and community members to address their concerns.


Beyond political accolades, Ambassador Ajadi emphasised his philanthropic efforts, spanning educational projects, environmental sanitation, healthcare initiatives, and poverty alleviation programs.

He expressed hope for continued collaboration between the public and private sectors to create sustainable development opportunities for the people of Kano State.

Discussions between the two leaders extended to regional cooperation, with Ambassador Ajadi advocating for strengthened ties between Kano State and neighboring states. His vision aligns with a broader perspective of a united and prosperous Nigeria, fostering economic growth and cultural exchange.

In response, Chief Sagagi reiterated his commitment to serving the public and enhancing the well-being of both indigenes and foreigners in Kano State.

He outlined plans to leverage technology for governance efficiency and transparency, aiming to digitize government services for increased accessibility and streamlined administrative processes.

“We, the residents of Kano State, appreciate your influence in ensuring that the people’s mandate remains free from the grasp of politicians driven solely by personal gain, devoid of any meaningful contributions to the state beyond the embezzlement of its treasury,” he said.

Ajadi’s entourage included notable figures such as the South West Publicity Relations Officer for NNPP, Comrade Kilamuwaye Badmus; the South West Treasurer for NNPP, Comrade Ibrahim Shuaibu; Comrade Umar Garba, and the official photographer for Ambassador Ajadi, Abdulai Lawal.


This visit not only strengthens the bond between Ambassador Ajadi and Chief of Staff Sagagi but also underscores the importance of fostering partnerships between political figures, civil society, and the private sector to achieve holistic development and good governance in Nigeria.

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