NNPP Chieftain Ajadi Cautions Primate Ayodele Over Statement On Edo Governorship Election

A Chieftain of the New Nigeria People’s Party, (NNPP), Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo has took a swipe at the Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele over his comment on NNPP’s gubernatorial candidate in Edo State, Azembe Arena. 


It could be recalled that few days ago, Primate Ayodele said the NNPP candidate in Edo State , Azembe Arena will not make any significant success in the September Governorship election.


Primate Ayodele in a release signed by his media aide, Tosin Oso said the candidate of NNPP in Edo, Azemhe Azena will only waste his money if he continues to pursue this ambition. 


“It will be better for him to spend the money on charity where he will impact more lives than a governorship ambition that will amount to total waste.


‘’He can’t win the election, he may come distant fourth after the election and it would be embarrassing for him. It’s better he stops his ambition because God isn’t involved in it,” Ayodele stated in the statement. 


Reacting to this statement on Saturday, Ajadi said he was shocked at the utterances of Primate Ayodele, wondering why the so called man of God has descended so low to the level he has gone to.


Stressing that Primate Ayodele should concentrate on his church work and leave politics to politicians or he should drop the gard of evangelism and join politics.


He wondered how Primate Ayodele was concerned about the NNPP candidate, saying “is that part of his spiritual work.


“Our candidate has not come to you to solicit for help whether spiritual or financial, while narrowing down on Azemhe. Why don’t you concentrate on your spiritual work. Why are you dambling into politics?


“How much time have you spent in uplifting the spiritual lives of your church members. If you have been bribed by some parties, then keep your bribe to yourself. Is that what God sent you to tell Nigerians that are suffering under the present government.


“You will do well to keep to your job as a spiritual person. If you drag yourself into politics, you will be dragged in the mud and you won’t have any more respect.


“As a spiritual leader, there are avalanche of works to do, but you leave that and concentrate on our candidate. How does it concern you, if he loses his money? Did God send you to tell him that?


“I will also call on members of his church to call him to order. NNPP is a new movement and is daily receiving members from other parties due to its laudable programmes.


“A statement or whatever from the likes of Primate Ayodele will not deter us in bringing succour to the suffering Nigerians starting from Kano and Edo State this year’s September.


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