NNPP Gubernatorial Candidate Ajadi Extols Alhaja Shakirat Idris-Arowolo’s Political Prowess On Birthday


Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo, the gubernatorial candidate for the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) in Ogun State during the 2023 general election, extended warm wishes to his running mate, Alhaja Shakirat Idris-Arowolo, on the occasion of her birthday, Sunday, 11 July 2024.


In a heartfelt message, Ambassador Ajadi commended Alhaja Shakirat Idris-Arowolo for her outstanding role as the NNPP Deputy Gubernatorial Candidate in the 2023 General Election.


He acknowledged her exemplary conduct, describing her as a politician who played a crucial motherly role and set an inspiring example for the citizens and electorate of Ogun State during the intense political campaign within the state.


“Alhaja Shakirat Idris-Arowolo’s unwavering dedication and exemplary service to the people of Ogun State during our political campaign have not gone unnoticed. Her motherly instincts and commitment to the welfare of the citizens make her a politician worth celebrating,” Ambassador Ajadi expressed.


On the occasion of Alhaja Shakirat Idris-Arowolo’s birthday, Ambassador Ajadi extended his warmest wishes, saying, “On this great occasion of yours, I wish you many more years of good health, prosperity, and a life filled with abundance.”


“Happy Birthday to a remarkable political icon whose dedication and leadership continue to inspire us all. Your unwavering commitment to public service has left an indelible mark on the nation, especially our state, Ogun. Wishing you a day filled with joy, reflection, and the appreciation you truly deserve,” he said.


In addition to the birthday wishes, Ambassador Ajadi also conveyed a more personal and poignant message to his deputy, expressing gratitude for her invaluable contributions to the political journey.


He stated, “Your dedication and hard work have been the backbone of our party in Ogun State. Your role has not only enriched our political endeavour but has also left an indelible mark on the hearts of the people of Ogun State.”

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